2010 Desilting Of The Dam


WORK STARTS FEB 01 2010 ( Building The Access Road )

Pumping The Water Out and Removing The Remaining Fish ( Look North Filmed The Event )

See The First Removal of Fish

Final Stage Before Removal Of Silt ( Notice How Little Depth There Was )


Progress After Two Weeks.

The silt has to be mixed with a special powder to thicken it before loaded into trucks.


The Final Stages

SPRING TIME ( Note The New Fishing Pegs )

The snow shows how the silt slowly spreads into the large excavation, approx 12 -14 feet in depth !

Once settled the water should have an " average " depth of 4 - 6 feet ( Ideal For Fish )

" New paths for fishing access, and the Ducks seem very happy with new home "

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Two columns of bricks between the JCB arms 12 -14 ft
Right hand column just to left side of JCB at approx 14 feet deep
Snow shows how silt slowly sinks back into the large excavation
Once settled the dam should have an average depth of 4 - 6 feet

Some More Detailed Photo's

These Show The "Wall" That Many Folk Talk About !

If you look closely there are two walls of brickwork which supported a platform of sorts ( From The Industrial Times ) !

At this stage the JCB has reached the dam bottom at 12 - 14 feet



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