Charlton Brook is like a green Lung within the area of High Green, Burncross, and Chapeltown to the north of Sheffield. It consists of a brook set in a valley, at the top end is the dam which hosts a variety of wildlife and can still be fished. Sections of woodland run along the site, some of which are ancient areas of meadows and heritage forest. The brook is cris-crossed by ancient pathways from more rural times. At the present time there is a playground and BMX track at the bottom end.

The creation of the dam is linked to the industrial and economic development of Sheffield, especially for the Newton Chambers  ( Thorncliffe ) complex. The brook feeds Thorncliffe pond which housed a pumping  station to provide more water for the industrial network. Near thorncliffe pond were two rows of houses known locally as Thorncliffe Rows which housed the local miners, and today you can still the row of trees that were  planted between them. Only three trees are the originals.

The dam was, and still is a key feature in the identity of the area. Then and now Charlton Brook acts as a focal point for the local community to " walk dogs, relax, and admire the local wildlife " !

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Some Old Views Of The Brook

The dam looking toward Stanley Road 1965

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Some Extracts from Chapeltown Archive

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